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Are you traveling to a new place, but need to practice every day? Or do you miss playing when away from home? See what instruments are available where you travel - you can find a shared instrument, such as a piano in a bar, the lobby of a hotel, or the library, or one in a kind home where you can play.

To get started, enter an address or an instrument type into the map.

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Read what other people thought of an instrument. Once you find an instrument on the map, click on it to open its listing page. Then, browse the reviews section to see how others rated the instrument out of 5 stars and the descriptions they wrote.


You can arrange a playing time as soon as you find a convenient instrument. On the instrument's listing page, its location is listed, and its description indicates when it is available.

If you choose to play on an instrument that is not available to the public, such as a piano in someone's home, click the Message Owner button on the instrument's listing page. This lets you get in touch with the person who manages the instrument to arrange a convenient playing time.

Add a review

After you play on an instrument, add a review to its listing. Let people know what you think by giving it a rating out of 5 stars and by writing a short description.

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Do you see an available public instrument, like a piano in a hotel or in a restaurant? Or you do you have an instrument at home that is rarely played, and you want to advertise it to earn some extra cash or karma?

Those instruments can be used to practice by adding them to Legato Network.

Public instruments

Legato Network accepts listings of public instruments, such as pianos in bars or in hotel lobbies. To get started, submit one as a 'a public instrument'.

Private instruments

We also accept listings of private instruments. Do you have an instrument at home that is not played often? Add it to Legato Network under the category 'my own instrument'. Others will find it and contact you to arrange a playing time. You can charge a playing fee to earn some extra cash, too!

It's safe

Legato Network takes personal privacy into great consideration. When listing an instrument that you own, you can choose to hide your full address and only show your region instead. After choosing the 'My own instrument' category when adding an instrument, select 'Display neighborhood only' to activate this feature.

Completely free

On Legato Network, registering and listing is 100% free of charge. All it takes is 30 seconds!


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